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so, whilst on my holiday in Cardiff I popped into Firestorm Games for a browse and came upon the batman miniatures game rulebook including a free Alfred pennyworth limited edition model. Given its growing popularity at my local gaming club, as well as the cool models I couldn’t resist picking it up.


The models a simple one piece pose of batman’s butler (and friend, father figure, adviser, protector etc etc) 




So at the very least it’ll be an easy one to paint. I haven’t assembled it yet because I’m waiting on a kickstarter basing kit (as Iv mentioned before I’ll talk about that in the future).


The rules mean very little at the current time, I can see the stat line,  but without other characters to compare I don’t know how close to the averages he stands, but his special rules allow for healing and provide money (presumably good things)

 To find out what the characters do its onto the rulebook, a nice hard backed one meaning more resilient to abuse. It’s nicely filled with artwork and well painted models 


And the rules are clearly broken down to individual paragraphs providing detailed information



The creators Knight Models have smartly chosen to introduce the rules, followed an advanced rules section once the basics have been mastered. This seems to be increasingly common and is a smart move in my opinion.

 What’s very interesting about the game is the provision of variant models of the same character, each with their own alternate rules, which allows you to pick and choose the iteration of your favourite character that you prefer



The book also has a hefty section of background summarising not just the characters and who they are but highlighting key stories in the comic series and expanding on them. This gives us a nice overview of the stories.

I haven’t covered the rules as I’ve only skimmed them and haven’t played a game yet, but I will cover those in the future.


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