Holiday in cardiff day four a day of rest and hobby

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so, today Rox is meeting with her friend and so off she went at 8 leaving me in bed with a planned day of building wee men and doing some hobby.

After a naomi got dressed and headed into town (needing some new socks) and also picking up some new lounge pants. For those of you who haven’t discovered the luxury of lounge pants I recommend giving it a go, essentially its pyjamas you wear when you aren’t in bed and im starting to build up a nice selection, these being today’s addition 


I also picked up a present for the kids 



A talking Princess Leia keyring to join the Yoda I got in a past geek box.

After my little shopping trip I was accosted by a dirty dreadlocked charity fundraiser for Barbados who opened with “hey, have we met? I’m serious I know you.”

Sorry buddy you don’t, and I don’t have the time or the interest to talk to you about charity, if I want to give I’ll give via a direct method without you being paid to hassle people in the street. In slightly more positive accosting I was given a ‘free lunch’ courtesy of uncle bens rice in a promo campaign 




Not having a microwave in the hotel room I’ll have to save it for a later date, but not to worry, I already had my eyes on a suitable lunch replacement opposite the hotel Mission Burrito. I opted for The ancho chilli beef burrito with all the salad, sour cream, guacamole, habanero sauce and beans.



All gone and mouth burning I turned my attention to some hobby. The plan had been to build some more Wild West exodus models but I’d forgotten a basing kit I’v been waiting for from a kickstarter (more on that in the future) so instead tore open my new YT-2400 freighter for the x wing miniatures as you’ll see in the relevant blog post.

Which brings me pretty much up to date. Now for some bargain hunt and another chapter of my now nearly finished book.

Two hours later

The books finished, woo- post coming on that one. I also enjoyed another game show of general knowledge and bowling. Typically Rox is now back and napping and I don’t know whether to start a new book or just wait for her to wake up. Anything to break the house buying programs now on the telly.

Rox woke up and after an hour of not being able to make her mind up we settled on going for dinner at her initial choice cafe Citta (another of her old favourites), unfortunately all that umming and ahing meant they hadn’t the space for us, so after wandering around another 40 minutes we ended up in red hot buffet for a variety of food (knowing we like it) 


Course one- some random indian street foot, sushi, olives and a sweetcorn salad



Course two- five different pizza slices, chilli stuffed taco and chicken fajita. I had to use american cheese because I couldn’t be bothered to go to the other side of the restaurant for grated.



Course three- stir fry. This has beef, squid and chicken balls as well as all the veg and noodles I could add to the plate at the cooking station.

Course four has no picture because it was Piri Piri chicken thighs (gross) and a pork curry that tasted like it had been in a slow cooker for days. I also picked at another batch of sushi whilst choosing this course.



Final course- the deserts were a bit pants so it as a handful of sweets, some dry Apple crumble and a weird mega sweet sponge ball.

After dinner we headed to the Super Bowl for a game, me beating her 93 to 46. It was a tiny alley with really old and rickety equipment and we’re convinced the lanes were far shorter than normal.

There was time for a bit of wasted money on some games machines before a ‘quick’ game of pool. I say quick, I haven’t played in a few years and rox just isn’t very good so we smashed the balls around the table for ages before I finally got into the swing and beat her. I’d also beat her at air hockey, so it was a successful night. 

Back in the hotel now we’re watching some programme about idiots raising aggressive dogs for ‘protection’ and ‘status’ and I have a solid lump of food in my belly once again.


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    rox said:
    April 14, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    You forgot to Mention that you had sex!!!

    […] Holiday in cardiff day four a day of rest and hobby April 12, 2015 […]

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