Life, what am I doing on my iPad? Part two

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so, you’ll know from part one Here that Iv come to the realisation that I spend too much time messing about with silly games on facebook, where better to start than a current time sink


Compass point west, a clash of clans style game with a Wild West feel. You build a town, build an army and destroy other people’s towns. Very much the modern day tower defence game. This ones unique selling point is the use of cards (very western) to determine your army, but once you’ve built you town up the cards become irrelevant and you pick what you want. I started playing this last week because I was getting bored of boom beach; another game in the same style bit with a Pacific war theme instead. It’s no more interesting and has simply taken the place of the other.


 A few games sat in a folder.

2048 a quick sliding game of adding numbers and trying to reach that magic number of 2048. It hasn’t happened because I just can’t be bothered.

Football chairman, a fun (the first time) game where you aren’t the manager of the club but the chairman, controlling hiring and firing of managers and players and managing of finances. The difficulty level is good, you start with a non league team and have to make the right choices to get the the top. In order to avoid adding to an already photo heavy post I’ll do a seperate post to expand.

Sketchman hd, a running game. A running game on a platform with a gun.

Chainsaw warrior, a very old games workshop game released as an app. Iv played this a handful of times but actually can’t remember enough about it to comment- i may need to play through it again.

Warhammer quest, another old games workshop game released in electronic form. You control a party of heroes entering caverns, mines and dungeons to kill monsters and hunt treasure. Enjoyable, but it’s very repetitive without investing in additional monsters and dungeons- even which I presume would be mostly cosmetic additions.

Fifa 14, the standard football game- it’s ok, but requires far more time than I can give to master.

Dungeon quest, similar to warhammer quest with the focus more on an individual rather than a team, with ever harder levels it actually has more playability than quest, but still remains repetitive from level to level.

Monkey island 2, a nostalgic purchase (yes I actually paid for this one) which Iv repeated all my past mistakes with- spending more time googling the next steps than actually playing the game 

Football manager handheld 15. A football management game. I used to love these games and would spend weeks and months building squads and managing seasons, but nowadays I just can’t be bothered with them. You can skip matches to speed things up, but then can’t influence the result. The biggest problem (with championship manager too) is that there’s no longer any way to (or benefit to) unearth talented nobodies and develop them meaning you’re stuck mostly with known players and the fees that they cost.


Ace patrol, a fantastic (and slightly more intricate) game than x wing miniatures but with world war 2 planes. Really good fun, though once you’ve mastered a couple of key skills you can keep hidden in clouds and it becomes a lot easier. Also the different forces don’t have any real differences

Soccer stars, a swiping game. Essentially if you tap at the correct time you do well, whereas if you miss you don’t.

The settlers and civilisation revolution. Both games downloaded as I played the originals. I can’t comment because  I haven’t played since downloading, but I’ll get back to them

Jenga, Yep the classic game. Unfortunately whilst the game physics are actually quite good and realistic it just can’t replicated the physical game

Lego Star Wars. Yeah, a quite good game- the same as any lego game Iv played. It gets a bit samey but there are a few alternate styles of levels to keep it interesting.

That’s its for now, part three coming soon.


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