#Exercise, couch to 5k week one day two #running

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so, after day one just the other day is suffered a little. Shin pain was bothering me- really quite severe shin pain actually, enough that walking up and down stairs or in fact any lengthy walk was causing something in my shins to pull. 

Medical advice suggested I stopped running and rested until the pain went away, but as I’d only run once it felt like it would be too easy to just not bother- especially as I’m in Cardiff next week and will likely be too busy eating unhealthy food and drinking beer to go running.

So after a day’s rest it was time to get going again. This was day two of week one, so the same session as Monday. I’d made the decision after the first run (and in light of the shin pain) to ensure my running was on softer ground, and also to ease of just slightly. I did the five minute warm up walk to the park and the first run started, shuttle runs up and down the grass with the required walks interspersed. The grass and ground was wet and in parts felt boggy, which does nothing to help get the legs moving, but at least it was a little more forgiving on the knees.


Compared to my previous run I covered a lot less ground- though looking at the map it hasn’t tracke my run properly within the park (bunching up the line) so it’s possible a little has been cut off by the gps tracking. However, I had planned to ease of slightly so it’s probably about right.

After the run my knees don’t burn quite as much as last time, though my shins feel slightly swollen and tender. After a shower and banana (and a sneaky doughnut) I feel Iv recovered far better, probably due to a combination of less running and less roads.

Saturday nights the next one 


One thought on “#Exercise, couch to 5k week one day two #running

    greggles said:
    April 2, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    Tape the center of your foot that has the shin pain. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but you’ll be amazed at how the pain almost instantly vanishes.

    Something like that, though I’ve just wrapped it around the center of my foot before with the discomfort (with some gauze)

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