Life, what am I doing on my iPad? Part one

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so, it’s gradually occurred to me that a lot of my free time is spent on my iPad. Not a problem really, it’s a hobby of sorts (or several) and it doesn’t stop me interacting with the world around me (unlike a certain tunnel visioned irish woman I live with). The problem is that what I’m doing on the iPad is playing silly time consuming games with no real benefit to me, or my wellbeing or anyone else’s; instead it’s just eating into the free time and depressing me when I’m not getting other things done.

A quick overview for you of what I’ve been playing.


The simpsons tapped out and family guy the quest for stuff. Town building games based on their respective shows. A really simple comcept with a whole load of inspiration from years and years episodes. Both games start the same, the main character has destroyed the town through being himself (I won’t be doing yet another simpsons family guy comparison) and you move through levels unlocking new buildings and characters- and later skins/costumes. The Simpsons came first, and started well, moving through the main characters and locations quickly before reaching a bit of a block, with obscure characters and even original (and uninteresting) characters. It was at this bloated point, with interest in the game waning that family guy released their game. Obviously very similar but with a few refreshing changes. The biggest change for me was the sheer number of quests and missions at a time when the Simpsons had become very linear. The Simpsons responded with a clash of clans style update (because of course the best thing any big name can do is mention its main competitor right Coke?). It was at this point my interest in both game reached an all time low. More and more updates had required the investment of doughnuts or clams- or in game currency- in order to get the full experience, which I had neither the means nor the inclination to do. Had it been a normal fee (say a pound for a new character) I’d possibly have been open to picking up my favourites, yet it was a completely randomised syste, with characters costing anything from a few pounds to twenty pounds. 

I kept playing, but more and more felt it was a case of going through the motions for nothing (even the dialogue was dull, the simpsons initial dialogs was witty and sharp) and one day I stopped playing, just like that.

Honourable mention at this point goes to 


Sim city build it, similar but far more simplistic yet open than the others. Like the classic game you start a new town and grow from there. I did enjoy this, and regular milestones in the game unlocked new features  keeping it interesting. Unfortunately it became a bit too much of a grind to keep going.

On the subject of grinding, these delightful games are let down by the simple fact that as you scale up the time required to play increases exponentially 



In Star Trek trexals you build your enterprise  and crew and explore space 

In tiny tower you build a tower and fill it with shops and staff

In pocket planes you buy airports and operate worldwide flights.

All very enjoyable, but all essentially the same, with the same requirement of time problems.

In part two I’ll expand more upon current games, as opposed to already deleted games


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