Exercise, back on the road #running

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so, those of you who read my blog (hundreds of you apparently) first of where are the comments? Get to it.

Second, those of you following will notice my running updates dried up. I reached a wall of sorts around the end of April and never moved on. I was on the couch to 5k and it wasn’t going all that badly, however I was ill for a week and when I went back to running I didn’t take a step back, instead moving forward. The exhaustion of that wiped me out and killed all motivation. A trip away meant I just never got going again and the summer hit and it was far too hot to run.

So now, Iv started again with a week one day one and my knees are burning, my lungs are wheezing and I’m just starting to cool down. 


The plan was a brisk walk to the park (in line with the apps requirements) ahead of alternating runs and walks on the soft damp grass (60 second runs, 90 second walks) but as I reached the park I changed my mind slightly and stayed on the road, reaching the bridge over the motorway before turning back.

When the girl on the app said “2 runs left” I felt my willpower drop, I drove through the first but when I reached the final 60 second run I just couldn’t get my legs moving.


 The stats don’t make a huge amount of sense to me, mostly because the stop start nature of the couch to 5k program skew everything, but it at least gives me something visual to stare at.

The next run is Wednesday (barring illness of course) but for now it’s shower time. 


One thought on “Exercise, back on the road #running

    greggles said:
    March 30, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Keep up the drive! I’m no runner, but I do go through a massive lifestyle change to get fit. It’s definitely a hard journey but don’t ever give up. I like to think of it as running away from your old self. Don’t let them catch back up :).

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