Books, The Perfect Storm By Sebastien Junger

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So, it happened again. I didn’t finish a book. This time it wasn’t so much the book or the writing but rather the shift in approach midway through.

The problem with the story presented in The Perfect Storm by Sebastien Junger is that he’s avoided fictionalising the events after final contact with the Andrea Gail to maintain a serious piece of writing (something the film chose not to do). I have no issue with this approach, it makes a lot of sense and is also far more respectful and honest than many books written about similar disasters, the problem for me was that I really enjoyed the first hand accounts and interviews interspersed with historical events which had an impact or were similar to the events in the story. When the personal approach was lost it left a strictly academic work interspersed with hypotheticals and guesswork. Again, not in accurate or even speculative, but it became a little more a of chore to continue.

Had I been sensible and kept going then it is of course possible (or even likely) the reintroduction of actual events and witness accounts of the search efforts and aftermath of the storm would have returned again to the level o the first segment of the book, unfortunately I just couldn’t stick with the reading to get through the more laborious parts.


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