Wild West exodus unfinished business kickstarter continued

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so, for some reason everything went mental as I tried to use a quote box and I had to cut it short, but now I can expand upon the outlaws miniatures kickstarter: unfinished business project.

As previously mentioned it funded very quickly (being very popular) as the four new factions were unveiled.

The confederate rebellion

 The Confederate Rebellion army has seen death and destruction ravage their states.  Beaten by the Union during the Civil War, the leaders of the Confederate States of America have abolished slavery and joined forces with all men and women of the South.  Their fight against a stronger and more advanced enemy has ignited a strong love of state and government.  The CSA generals fight side by side with their men and want nothing but the complete destruction of the Union army.  They use surprise assaults and gorilla warfare to even the odds against much more powerful foes.  Their men and women are supplied by Dr. Carpathian Industries allowing access to deadly and corrupt weapons.  Rumors of Voodoo magic and the undead fighting alongside Rebel troops have been whispered about for years.

So the beaten confederate army has become an insurgent force as well as being smart and abolishing slavery 

The dark nation

 Once a proud and spiritual people, the Warrior Nation has fought long and hard to keep technology out of their lands.  However, the pull on its people has consumed many of their warriors, and the Dark Council has influenced even the strongest of their leaders.  With the corruption spreading like a virus, the shape shifting Warrior Nation men and women become trapped in a half animal half human form left to walk the land as deformed creatures with no home.  Once these proud warriors leave the guiding light of the great spirit, they are doomed to a blood thirsty life of war.  Their beast and human form aide them in their battles against anyone who would dare oppose them.  With weapons and technology at their side, these beasts may never be stopped. 

The Golden Army

 The once famous explorer Ponce de Leon and his conquistadors were subjected to a mix of Watcher blood and tropical jungle water.  What they call the fountain of youth has now kept them alive for hundreds of years endlessly searching for the source.  Their influence over the Mexican people and robust army has pushed them to the door step of the country’s boarder.  The men of the Golden Army know of only one thing.  Fight until dead or until the enemy is destroyed.  This horde faction sends endless supply of men to battle.  They are led and protected by the destructive weapons of the conquistadors directing  them from the rear.  They will soon push across the border ready to destroy any army that stands in their way.

The Watchers

As the portals once again open on earth, mankind has no idea what is coming.  The destructive power of the Watchers will completely strip the land of all living things.  The Watchers use their Alpha leaders to guide and advance their many species of aliens.  Each and every member of the Watchers knows his role in their society and follow orders without question.  As their enemies attempt to stop the Watchers, the Betas drain the life energy from their bodies and transport it to their Alpha leader.  This transforms the Alpha during the course of any battle into an enemy that knows every move you will make before you even make it.  With inhuman weapons and a thirst for human blood, they plan to wipe mankind off the planet once and for all. 

What’s great about this kickstarter is that the higher the funding the more you get. The faction images here show the boss and basic troops of each force, but as the kickstarter stretch goals are reached more models will be added.


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