@mygeekbox February opening sidekicks theme

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So, once again a delay to opening my box as I was drinking heavily in belfast for half term (and doing family things of course), but this morning the neighbour dropped it round and me and Myles tore it open



This months theme is sidekicks


The magazine, better than normal as there’s more than just computer game reviews inside (hopefully more variety of content is to become a trend). A bit of disappointment as I didn’t win the clothing competition and whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say my tweet was better than the winning tweet I’m sure there were better out there.


The modern day sidekick- a minion. The vinyl pop craze is terrifying, there are now hundreds of them. Whilst I can’t imagine many people have all of them I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Anyway, I’m torn between keeping this one or letting it loose in the toy box- eleanor does love minions. No doubt it’ll end up there anyway.


Robin. Poor poor Robin, what a dopey sidekick he is. Now of course he gets cooler as the comics progress but as a young boy he’s just batman’s buddy. It’s a cool posted though.


A Star Trek action figure. As cool as chekov is (hmm?) this may well end up in the toy box too- minus the small bits of course.


And the customary t shirt. I really like this one, it’s a good colour (which is important) and the designs cool. I’m waiting on a replacement of a previous one that faded after a wash but this should keep me geeked out in the meantime.

So, the t shirts really cool, the box was ok, it felt a little like something was missing, sweets or something would be a nice little addition, but it’s all good.

Next months theme is anniversaries and landmarks due to it being a year since MyGeekBox started and hopefully we won’t be on yet another holidays when it gets her


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