Hobby projects, @wild west exodus traps part one

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So, with a Gyrocopter now in my possession the need for traps has gone from would be a useful addition to my posse to BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! I need more of these.
The ability to fly over the heads of your opponents dropping dynamite as you go is just too hard to resist, so I decided to get some. Now, unfortunately UK stockists are a little light on the ground, meaning if I wanted them I could order them myself from the U.S. Site, or order through wayland games.
Theoretically wayland games should be less hassle, however as they don’t have the items in stock they would also be ordering from the U.S. Site, so I just did it myself. Within a week they were here. Which incidentally is a quarter the time it took wayland games to ship the last thing I ordered from them (which they did have in stock)


My newly arrived traps, as well as the mercenary The Wraith who I’ll do a future post on.

Assembly was quick and easy, single piece models needing just a trim at the base from casting and then glued onto the base


Each pack holds four traps
– dynamite
– bear trap
-rj-1027 IED

Each has a different profile and effect as seen on the cards


So far Iv been using dynamite as a cheap bomb, with some success, and now with the gyro in the air it’s even easier to get them detonated over the heads of my opponents.

A quick note on the quality of the models. So far Iv had no complaints about the resin or plastic kits produced by outlaw miniatures. One or two of the traps lost an edge when I was trimming the exces away but a tiny blob of liquid green stuff fixed it.

Next post I’ll have them undercoated and get them painted.


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