#MyGeekBox January Justice Box Opening

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So, the latest MyGeekBox has arrived. This months theme is Justice
I grabbed it from the postman and tore it open right away, so here goes.


Ooh anticipation


So I’m immediately confused as Sidekicks are next months theme. Then I click, it’s the back of the magazine


Iv never played Assassins Creed, but the imagery always looks good, onto the real stuff.


An Arkham Asylum keyring. A handy one as my other keyring fell apart just the other day- karma justice


A DC comic Iv not seen before is always good, Iv always been a marvel man but recently have been making more of an effort to try out what DC have to offer. And what looks like an unconscious superman on the cover suggests it’ll be a good one.


Honestly I have no idea who this is, but I have heard really good things about the Walking Dead. I’ll get to it eventually


Reverse Kryptonite in a can? It has to be


And the customary tshirt. I really like this one, it’s simple but cool.

So that’s January’s box done, overall it’s not a bad month, though no sweets after being spoiled the previous months is a little sad


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