Hobby projects, Wild West exodus painting

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So, over the last six months or so Iv been playing a lot of Wild West Exodus, a steampunkish cowboy game by outlaw miniatures. Over the last week or so Iv actually started painting some.
A proper WWX post will be coming shortly, so this is little more than a photo dump, but my hired hands (the expendable rank and file) models are nearing completion. Also the blogs been all books recently, so it’s nice to put some hobby stuff up.

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, I’m terrible for taking good ones, you’d think having an iPad would make it easy.






My tester, a simple basecoat and wash on this one. I was away in liverpool, but had had far too much to drink to do any more.





The full set of hired hands with the first highlights




The standard Iv settled on. Iv barely painted in a year so don’t want to go too far in detailing. The plan is to get the boss and underboss to the same standard and then add more details once everything’s at that point.
Also my first use of games workshops wonderful Agrellan Earth cracking paint on a model for myself, rather than a shop model.


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