books, malus Darkblade warpsword by Dan abnett and Mike lee

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so, book four of the series and the fourth relic is being hunted for, this time in the city of executioners.

again it was a good story if a little repetitive in terms of it’s plot, Malus has been in the open for a few months, gets where he needs to be, lies and kills to get information, finds what he needs, is shocked, gets grievously hurt, heals, fights beyond pain, gets hurt, changes plan, uses the daemons power, kills some more, gets his relic.

still, there was a little more going on in this one, with the politics of the dark eldar again playing a part as the executioners fight amongst themselves for their own purposes whilst also against Malus’ brother Urial.

there was a point towards the end of the book in which Malus acknowledges that time is short, so I suspect the final book will lead to him finding the relic fairly early at which point he’ll be betrayed by the daemon T’zarkan and spend the rest of the time dealing with that whilst suffering a massive mortal injury that will eventually go away


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