my geek box December

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so, my December geek box arrived. I wasn’t allowed to open it until Christmas, it being a Christmas present after all.

the theme was ‘geekmas’ so I was expecting geeky Christmas themed stuff and here it is.




So so as with last month it’s nicely crammed with goodies.



This months t shirt, a nightmare before Christmas themed one. It’s not as cool as last months red dwarf themed shirt but that’s a personal taste.




A talking Christmas yoda, it makes a vaguely yoda like noise.



Last Christmas my partner got me a lightsaber bottle opener that has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, this pacman one is hopefully not going to disappear.


I have lots of stress, what better way to ease it than to crush Optimus prime



A christmas decoration filled with sweets and a funny picture of the Star Wars cast singing their Christmas songs- flashbacks of the Star Wars holiday special can’t be avoided.



The girls been nagging me about teaching her to juggle, I feel Death Star juggling balls could be the perfect way of doing it.




And some nice chocolates to finish off.



to be honest I preferred novembers box, and it felt better value, but a lot of that is down to personal tastes between the boxes. The kids however loved both equally, having now added a talking yoda to the talking dalek of last month.



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