Books, Lord Loss by Darren Shan

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So, I just finished a “young adult” book that’s been sat in my pile for ages and really enjoyed it.
A young boys family are murdered by a daemonic creature (Lord loss) and he goes insane. He then moves in with his uncle who teaches him about the daemons and how to fight them.

It’s nothing groundbreaking of course, and follows a fairly generic plotline, but still it was a good read.
Iv had another book in my pile for months too- Mister Monday by Garth Nix, which I picked up after recognising the cover from when I was younger. It wasn’t the book I thought it was, but it was one I knew, but despite the young adult level Iv struggled with it. Persevered to about halfway before getting bored and putting it down.

The difference between the books (and in many fantasy writings I suppose) is the creation of a new world, whilst not overdoing it and making it too complex to fit into the writing.
Lord loss stuck with the real world with flashes of the daemonic world, whereas mister Monday merged the real world with the other world before dropping the reader into the alternate world with no real establishment of how things worked.

I’ll be moving onto a more adult book next


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