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So, book three of Graham McNeill’s Mechanicum series Gods of Mars. A year ago I finished the second book. To summarise, book one saw a group of outcasts on a mechanical miracle ship heading to the edge of the Galaxy, book two saw them leave the Galaxy and seek the ships creator.


At the end of book two they found the creator and he was somehow still alive.

Book three begins at the end of book two with the story moving forward as Telok takes the mechanicum and friends deep into the planet and reveals he’s insane.
What follows is a lot of battles within electricity, ice monsters, a running imperial guard war, loads of tanks, space marines, eldar and more ice monsters smashing each other to bits.

The book was enjoyable, as has been the series on the whole. It’s been interesting to read about the mechanicum as a progressive force, not just as an overseer of technological decline.
It was also nice that Graham McNeill added in previous characters of his or made reference to events that tied his stories within the universe together. The only issue I had was in the forced alliance between eldar and black Templars, whilst I felt the tension and clear antipathy for each other, the black Templars were probably a poor choice, given their hatred for psykers and aliens, not to mention psyker aliens, but it evolved well and grudging respect was well placed amongst lingering mistrust and hatred.

My first ‘famous person’ tweet came from Graham McNeill himself as he confirmed (ahead of my reading this book) that an idea had spawned during his writing for potentially more of the story. Clearly this would be some way out but I’d definitely pick up future elements of this series- even if I can’t see exactly where he’d go with it,


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