Books, flying through short stories part 2

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So, another batch of the short stories Iv been getting through really quickly.

redeemed by james swallow 40k
Blood angels, vampires in space etc etc. I’m not really a fan of them, but I did enjoy this one, probably because astorath the grim is such a bastard he’d kill a brother marine just in case. The story itself though felt like it was unfinished. I may look into the blood angels trilogy at some point to find out where it fits

the shadow in the glass by Steve Lyons 40k
This one was brilliant. It didn’t focus on any imperial armies or wars or any real 40k lore (aside from a brief inquisitorial moment) but instead on the hopes and dreams- and pathetic lives- of ordinary civilians on underdeveloped backwater worlds, far from the war zones. It read almost as a short horror story and was really really good.

freedoms home or Glorys grave by graham McNeill fantasy
Bretonnians stories tend to be dull, and this one was not an exception, I don’t know what it is because I really like the idea of knights and peasants and the honour system they have, but the stories just don’t do it for me. However, it’s one did at least have a lot of action, plus a huge part of the story was knight and page questioning their roles and relationships with each other.

ancestral honour by gav Thorpe fantasy

Any story with a dwarf slayer has the potential to be enjoyable, this one cleverly eased off on the danger in order provide some character depth to one. He wasn’t just a crazed dwarf desperate to die, but instead still suffered for his shame. The use of a potential slayer also helped this as the slayer seemed to be steering him away from taking the oath, almost as if he regretted it.

a gentlemans war by neil Rutledge fantasy
Another good one, more for putting characters out of their comfort zones. A proud lord joins his fathers army and immediately finds himself dumped in with scoundrels and vagabonds in a pistoliers and conscripts regiment. Despite his best efforts to get himself killed he suspects the men around him of ruining the war efforts, when in fact he has a lot to learn himself. As I said, good because it puts a character right where he doesn’t want to be. Plus it uses stirlanders, my favourite imperial force.

the doorway between by rjurik Davidson fantasy

Imperial witch hunters that hate each other forced to work with each other. Yep, more good stuff. It’s a fairly standard story of them hunting out chaos forces and worshippers, but the dislike of each other adds a nice edge to the story.

And that’s it for now, Iv moved onto the second Malus Darkblade book, so expect a follow on from the first soon enough


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