Writings, In the wild

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So, another quick scribble in I the pub led to this.


Ordinarily it would have been easy to turn what looks like eyes into a bigger picture, but I was hit by some writing inspiration.

The eyes shone in the torchlight, reflecting it back at me as I tried to see a head to hold them. I couldn’t see one but I could easily imagine one, with a huge mouth, and huger teeth.
Since the fire at the lab things had changed and humans were prey, and right now I was being hunted. The eyes were watching, they hadn’t pounced, which could only mean the creature wasn’t hunting alone. Or worse, it was a part of a full pack of something monstrous.
Ah yes, the lab fire. Nobody knows what was being done there, but there hasn’t been any power since it burned to the ground. And the land is suddenly so much more dangerous. Aside from the creatures and the lack of food and power, it’s the humans that are the biggest threat. Scavengers aren’t an issue, that’s become the norm, it’s the power brokers, those who had access to the supplies we all need; batteries, food, water. The time they spent hoarding and pricing us out made them greedy and ruthless, now they’ll do anything for power.
Of course, even amongst the arseholes there’s those that were already ruthless bastards, they essentially rule the land now. At least in the day when they dare come out. Right now it’s dark, so they’ll be safely locked away in their well stocked and armed holds, whilst the rest of us scrape around for what we can get whilst praying nothing catches our scent.
A snapped twig drags me from my reverie, another creature to the right. Moving slowly I inch towards my bag, fumbling with the catch as the reflected eyes circle around. I ignore the gun, the ammunition ran out long ago, instead taking the only other thing I can use as a weapon; lighter fluid. This was a lucky find a few days ago, digging through a looted shop I found a few bits and pieces that had been missed by previous visitors. A full canister of lighter fluid would have given me days of food in trade but right now survival was more important.
More snaps, moving in, I spray some fluid onto a branch and with a shaking flick of a lighter set it ablaze, illuminating a beast the size of a small car fifteen feet away. It’s stealthy approach interrupted it pauses as two more slightly smaller creatures join it from my flanks.
I’d expect at least one more, but right now I have to decide, wait or act.
I act.
A stream of fluid shoots from the can, through the flame and ignites, striking the lead creature square in the face. Unleashing a squeal it leaps back, the others now also cowed into postponing their attack. Pacing back and forth they move out of the range of the fire and out of the light. Thrusting the branch into the fire I’d been building I let the blaze rise with a little boost from the canister I’m holding,
I doubt I’ll be sleeping tonight.


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