I have a dream, of sports

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So, another old one from my big weird diary. This one I still remember vividly, dark but with Tron style lights everywhere.

I’m a star of some form of ultra violent low gravity sport. Kind of a mix between basketball, rugby and American football, with carapace body suits and some form of rollerblades, but more hovering.
Bright lights, ridiculous arenas, with the arena more like a play area than a sports pitch. We won the big game with a strong performance against a bigger stronger team because we were faster and more team oriented.
My final ‘goal’ was a flying leap with a front somersault coupled with a ball bounce off an opposition players head and a slam into the goal, which was a circle not much bigger than the ball.
In the celebration was a woman who looked familiar but I don’t remember the name.

I woke from this one feeling quite pumped, if only low g games were available.


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