Books, man and wife part 1

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So, I wasn’t keen on reading the sequel to tony parsons man and boy just yet, but in requesting my partner to read it (to gain her thoughts) I convinced myself to give it a go.
Seven chapters in and my partners read the first and wants the second, so I’m going to be handing it over for a day or so whilst she flies through it. I have no idea how she gets through a book so quickly, probably because she sits and reads whilst I snatch moments on the toilet to do so, but anyway, giving it to her for the short time has changed my approach to covering this one in the blog.
So I’ll be reviewing it in stages- rather than going back to the sections that make me think, I’ll be covering it as it makes me think. This will likely change my thoughts as I won’t be using the overall story, just the moments so it may illicit more frustration than before, especially if the first books anything to go by.
The story picks up essentially where the other left off, or it doesn’t, as it’s been jumping a lot, but some of them start directly after the end, some as a two/three years on story. So far it feels a lot like the setup of both books is the same- ie he’s happy, but he wants to be happier. I’m waiting on him jumping into bed with an Irish girl to rehash the plot. But I’m hoping that’s not the case.

One thought on “Books, man and wife part 1

    […] Man and wife part one Man and wife part two Man and wife part three As you can see I didn’t cover it in as much depth (though I also condensed the posts a little more). The reason being I just didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much. Harry Silvers irrational stupid decision making began to grate a bit and the empathy just wasn’t there. It also felt a little as though the plot ‘man has good life, ruins it’ was a little too closely repeated against the previous one. There were still enjoyable moments, and it provoked more emotion and outrage in me it just didn’t maintain the quality of the Man and Boy. […]

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