Life, working as a glass collector

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So, another job story. This one doesn’t really count as a job, and barely qualifies as an anecdote, but here it is.

It’s first year of uni, my savings are gone, my loan is gone and my overdraft is going (or expanding), I need a job. So I put on my smartest clothes- no idea what, but I somehow went away to Cardiff without any shirts or smart trousers and shoes- and traipsed off into town to find me a job.
Now, I wasn’t overly confident, I know the majority of job hunting isn’t done on the high street, but I’d sent off my emails and CVs and wanted to see what else I could do. I didn’t actually do much hunting, instead just wandering around before strolling into cardiffs brewery quarter to find a drink. At this point inspiration hit bar work- Iv done it before and cardiffs full of bars and students, as well as students who frequent bars, not to mention all those Welshmen on match days. So I wander into the club in the quarter called ‘lava lounge’ and very quickly get offered a trial for the next night, awesome. As I’m in town I’m able to head into primark and pick up a black T shirt to wear (yeah I have no idea what was in my uni suitcase) and went on home.
Next night I head into the club at 10pm as requested and am informed I’ll be a glass collector, all I have to do is wander around all night picking up empty glasses. Easy. And yes, it really was. I wandered around, picked up glasses, deposited them behind the bar and went back to wandering around again. I say easy, that bit was easy, the maneuvring between drunk revellers was a little harder (I think because I was sober, it always seems easier drunk) but the real challenge was dealing with the owner/bouncer. A big ugly bald guy (the same type that appears in all cardiffs student clubs) who was frankly a dick. Several times that night he would grab my arm and ‘direct’ me where to collect glasses from. This annoys me, firstly grabbing my arm is not an appreciated way of getting my attention. Second, my OCD awareness of my surroundings is fairly good, if I’m clearing a bar of glasses I’m doing it methodically and efficiently. And third if a couple are having a few quiet drinks I’m not clambering over them- disturbing their moment- to pick up one glass that’s been missed. Yet that seems to be the requirement. I don’t know, maybe the focus is entirely on clearing and getting them to buy another drink- actually having written that I know that’s exactly the situation, but Iv spent far too long in customer service roles to not think about the customer.
The night finished at 4am, an hour later alls clear and we’re getting a free drink. Never a bad thing. One of the guys gave me a lift home and I slept for hours. Hours and hours. Waking up at 6pm that night I put on my clothes for my second night, walk to my door, get on the bus to town (it was a long way and I had pass) walk to the club, walk up to the bar, order a drink and drink it. I then walk out, down the road to a different bar and meet some friends, have a few drinks and swell that overdraft a little more.
I never went back because it was just not a job I wanted to have. In hindsight I feel the 5/6am returns home (this assuming I can get a lift, walking would be another hour or so) would detriment uni too much, especially given the main night was a Sunday night and uni had a 9-5 solid lecture day.


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