Life, playing games and poking people

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So, last night I made the girls sandwiches for lunch. Nothing special there, sometimes it’s me, sometimes my partner that does it. Now, her sandwich bags have stickers on and the one I peeled off said ‘slinky.’ Feeling this was irrelevant I grabbed a sharpie and changed the ‘L’ to a ‘T.’ I then went to bed and it completely slipped my mind.
After school today we were in tesco buying sweets and the girl pipes up “ahem, I was not happy with the sticker you put on my sandwiches, I am not stinky and it made me grumpy and ruined my lunch.”
I then spent the next ten minutes in a fit of giggles as I just couldn’t get myself under control, the fact it had slipped my mind made it all the funnier, as did her reaction in a random setting.
Recently when we moved I sealed up a box for my partner and wrote ‘tampons’ on the side, again I forgot until I was rearranging and had a similar laughing moment. I them forgot again until the movers brought the box into our new house when the giggles kicked in again.

I can’t help but poke people, I enjoy it and i like to think it keeps my brain sharp, however, it has become apparent the level of my poking has lowered, no longer am I convincing a friend the house is haunted; no longer am I pushing friends beyond their limits of patience and temperament. Instead I’m teasing children and picking on the easiest target there is- my dopey partner.

I should really put more effort into elaborate pranks and pushing people to their limits.
Having said that Iv become an expert at diffusing my partners frustrations and grumps by winding her up to breaking point and then letting her vent and calm down. I mastered this when she had 9 months of pregnant mood swings, and it’s a real life saver to stop her seething and grumping over things. This way she can do what she does and move onto grumping about something completely different. This normally happens fairly quickly.


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