X wing tantive IV

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So, I wasn’t going to order the tantive 4 anytime soon, as much as I wanted too, because I couldn’t justify the cost, an rrp of around £80 is just too much for one model, especially as it’s not for use in standard games of x wing. But the book depository was selling it for £43 so I couldn’t resist, I can’t imagine they even made any money on that one.


So an impressive one, as you can see I’m going to need an alternate storage solution for this one.

Unfortunately the quality control on this kit was a little poor




The central engine piece was loose, which is an easy glue fix, and a lower engine piece is competely missing, which is unfortunate, Iv emailed fantasy flight so hopefully they can replace the piece for me.
Aside from the quality control issue it is a beautifully done kit, with plenty of detail




The engines may need a little more carbon scoring but otherwise I’m fairly happy with the painting.


The fateful escape pods.

And what about the rest?

As usual fantasy flight have gone mental with tokens etc, so starting with the movement


A massive range 5 on the guns makes getting in close essential, but then you run the risk of being smashed. I also really like the new movement template as it represents the more lumbering flight better than the standard templates do.


The rulebook is clear (as with all the other x wing rules) but lengthy, as this is the most complex ship and rules to date.
Also the mission books cool, as it provides 4 missions using the tantive 4 which can also be linked together in a campaign, which can get progressively worse if you lose games

And tokens, loads of tokens as ever


The usual mix of shields, target locks, scenarios tokens as well as the new energy tokens that allow the big ship to do cool things.

As for cards.


Fore and aft damage decks, as well as seperate stat cards, and a scenario specific one


And as usual a whole host of new cards, with famous characters such as Han Solo, c3p0, r2d2 and Princess Leia, as well as new weapons, new teams and upgrades. Plus energy boosters for the big ships

All in all I’m very happy with it, as long as fantasy flight can replace the missing engine piece then all will be good


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