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So, I’m reluctant to try new games, because too often I enjoy them and immediately have to spend money on them. Case in point, my order of the Wild West exodus starter box- though it was from wayland games so typically Iv been waiting longer than I’d hoped.
But tonight at the gaming point a good opportunity came up, the chance to play a Star Wars fleet game that is no longer in print. Star Wars sharship battles, awesome.
Unfortunately my phone is pants and the pictures aren’t worthy of posting, so I apologise for that.
So i lined up with control of half the rebel fleet, and a hefty fleet it was- we decided it would be silly to match points and instead just fire as many ships as we could onto the table- with all manner of well known and not so well known ships flying about.
Initially it started slowly, everyone being out of range, but in turn two the longer range ships were able to achieve something. It wasn’t much, but the first starfighters were lost on both sides. Turn three picked up as the starfighter screens reached the maximum range of the opponents ships, and the rebels lost swarms of x, y, b and a wings, in exchange for a handful of tie fighters. Turn 4 things really got interesting, as the bigger ships were fully engaged and the starfighters were able to start blowing apart the opponents, unfortunately the rebels simultaneously forget how to shoot and many ships were lost, only a handful of ties and a lambda shuttle were taken down.
Next turn luck flipped back to the rebel cause as the imperial starfighters were effectively wiped out by unrelenting rebel fire (typically the tie fighters have an infinite rule, so they’d be back shortly). The empire did do some major damage to some of the rebel capital ships but no losses.
In the next turn the imperial strength began destroying rebel ships, the famed rebel ship home one was torn apart, and several other mon calamari ships destroyed, whilst the rebel huge ship, the viscount had it’s shields stripped away due to a strategic error on my part, dithering between which fleet to engage leaving my flanks exposed.
In the next couple of turns my attentions turned to the interdictor cruisers, which were preventing me from unleashing my starfighters, but as I flew a fighter screen commanded by Han Solo in the millenium falcon to pick one off an imperial star destroyer intercepted the flight and the falcon was lost.
At this point the viscount turned and blew the interdictor away, exposing it’s rear to the other half of the imperial fleet, which was mopping up the remains of my rebel partners fleet- he’d killed boba fett, but Darth Vader was still abroad.
Things were turning out really badly for the rebels, Luke Skywalker had just been killed at the other end of the table and I’d lost another mon calamari cruiser, so the viscount surged forward and the fighters screamed in close to the star destroyers. I’d lost most of my heavy firepower so I had to suffer the defences of five star destroyers if I had any hope of victory.
Over the next three turns I systematically took out three of the destroyers and the fighter waves became less of a threat, unfortunately my partner was long dead and the imperials were racing across space into the rear of my rallying survivors, Darth Vader led the way, with his super star destroyer executor following up and drawing a bead on the viscount.
Another star destroyer went down, in exchange for my last cruiser, leaving me only fighters, transports and a severely pummelled viscount to face the empire. Darth Vader flew alongside the large capital ship allowing the lambda shuttles to tear it apart before he himself dealt the death blow, whilst the remaining star destroyer blew apart another rebel transport.
I needed some kills to have any hope of victory. Unfortunately my dice rolling always lets me down when I need it most, as three x wings, two b wings, two a wings, a y wing, two rebel transports and a frigate combine to kill two tie fighters. Things were about to end horribly.
But it wasn’t the end, the imperial players then rolled similarly poor dice, killing nothing but a few of the fighters, until the executor opened up with it’s forward battery and cleared the majority of the starfighters.
I rallied round the last transport, hoping for the best, but all failed and all fell, with the exception of one ace x wing pilot who was able to pick off another tie fighter before jumping to hyperspace and bringing the devastating news back to the rebel forces.

Luke skywalker- dead
Han Solo- dead
Admiral ackbar- dead
Wedge Antilles- dead
The viscount- destroyed
Home one- destroyed
The millenium falcon- destroyed
Rogue squadron- destroyed

Not a good sign for the future


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