Life, dropping into the local for a quick pint

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So, tonight I made the mistake of popping into my local pub for a quick pint. This isn’t an issue in and of itself, except that its a local pub full of local people.

For background, I didn’t run today because my back was sore, so instead it went for a walk to try and stretch it out. On the way back. I passed the local and thought I’d pop in for a quick one.

I walk through the door and see one old fella at the bar. In these situations you leave, unfortunately the barmaid caught my eye and gave me a cheery ‘hello’ – probably desperate for any other human company.

So I buy a pint, sit at a table and plan to get it done as soon as I can.

The old fella starts talking to the barmaid about being a carer, so my interested is piqued, I listen subtly as he moans and complains about how awful it is that when he wants to sit in the garden and drink a beer she calls him because she needs a wee. I forget now, but I called him on something and then get stuck in a conversation about being a carer myself.
He offers to buy me a drink so immediately I know I can’t say no, and then will have to return the favour.

During our ‘conversation’ more patrons have arrived and I’m somehow on the outskirts of this clique. I quietly drink my pint with the intention of leaving, when something needs a response.
It’s not my fault, sometimes my brain/mouth works ahead of my common sense, and I can’t help but right the wrongs that I hear.
The guy says to his mates “she’s [some relative in prison] done something wrong and lost her privileges for two weeks.”
Now, at this point, the smart man would take another gulp and hurry on his way, but no. I Have to react, it’s just a simple comment, but I regret it now.

“Oh, so a lot like being in a real prison then?”

I wasn’t beaten up, it wasn’t even taken with any great offence, but for just a moment I was a little worried I was going to be integral to the new cellar floor.

Not long after I get up to leave, only to hear a rather large guy at the bar state “my diet allows me 500 calories a day, a pints about 150 so don’t let me buy more than three.”

Jesus Christ.


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