Life, intimacy as you get older

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So, last week my partner was watching neighbours. She watches a lot of trash, and unfortunately due to the way my brain works I absorb it. Or I get stressed when it’s too quiet for me to hear, or I miss something, despite my lack of interest.
But one of my earliest memories is seeing joe mangel racing across a field, falling into water trying to get to kerry who’s been shot in the eye protesting duck hunting.
Another is harold bishop being washed out to sea.
So neighbours has a special place in my heart, even if it’s just not the same without the heartwarming not quite slapstick comedy it used to have.
Anyway, Sheila bumped into doug (another blast from the past) and they were flirting, at which point my partner stated “I can’t see how old people can find old people attractive.”
It got me thinking, as well as what she said what about initmacy as you get older? All the droopages and wrinkles can’t become something you look for can they?

With finding something attractive I got to thinking, do I find old people attractive? Aside from the few years of puberty when anyone would do, no, not really, no.
But actually the more I think about it, I occasionally see people that I would consider to he attractive that in the past I maybe wouldn’t have looked at. Not because there’s anything wrong, just that I was younger. Maybe being surrounded by younger girls made me less inclined to see any beauty in older women. But then, I can still see a ‘younger’ girl and think she’s attractive, though maybe now, at 28 it’s bordering on lecherous?
If I were to be single where would I be looking?
I honestly don’t know.

I have no intention of being single, I’m very happy

But if I was, (and if I also ignore the fact I’m a dad, because that would completely change the pool) would I be looking at people my own age, or would I be open to a larger age bracket? Obviously I’d like to say I’d be open to the right person at the right time, but realistically that doesn’t happen very often.
I don’t know where I’d start, fortunately I’m not single and don’t have to worry about it just yet. Or hopefully ever.

What about intimacy as you get older? I plan on leading an active sexual life for as long as I’m able, but even now, I’m probably less capable than I was ten years ago, as wear and tear affects my body.
But as I get older would I even want to? If my partners an old crumbly with boobs around her ankles, more wrinkles than a full suitcase and grey thatch sticking out of her knickers am I going to find her sexy?
Probably not, if it gets to that extent,

But now I think about it more, is that any different to other allowances? As I’m starting to lose my hair my partner still wants sex, when my partner has all her hair cut off I still want to have sex with her.

On the one hand I wonder if sex goes away and those moments are more about the kisses and the cuddles (which are nice even now)
On the other, there has to be something in you to maintain that attraction in order to still want intimacy.

I think it’s about settling. If I were single now, I would likely not make an attempt to find an 18 year old, whereas in the past I would have.
In the past I wouldn’t have thought about a 28 year old mother of one, but it worked out for me.
Right now I also wouldn’t be scouring bingo halls for beautiful old women, but one day, with any luck my beautiful partner will still be beautiful to me, even if she does have to wear stockings to keep her boobs in.


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