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So, this morning my rebel transport for x wing arrived. I knew it would be good, but WOW, was I surprised. I had skimmed over the prerelease and the forums have been mental with talk, but I was largely holding off until I had mine in my hands.

Yes I know, I haven’t covered all the other release yet, but I couldn’t wait on this one.

So here goes,


Firstly, despite fantasy flights love for cardboard markers I couldn’t believe the sheer number, so many of them in the box for use by the transport. What’s also great is that the named x wing pilots are all on seperate cards, so you don’t need two boxes to use them.


On the subject of the x wing, here it is. It’s the same model as the previous ones, but unlike the core and expansion ones it has an alternate paint scheme. I still feel the expansion should have had a different scheme, but it’s nice to get one finally.


The x wing pilots all look interesting, with lots of named characters all with different special rules, I especially like the looks of jek Porkins who crashed into the Death Star doing something stupid (or a red maneuvre), he’s able to try and shrug off stress at the risk of taking damage.

The transport card is basic, but it’s not a worry, the other cards in the pack help with that.


Yep, a whole wad of cards


Large ships have a whole new damage deck or two, as it covers the aft and stern of the ship, these have a good selection of damages from command pod damage to reactor leaks, that all affect the running of the ship.


A whole new raft of astromech droids to play with, geared towards shield repairs and the like, to increase the options for x and y wings, also a new missile type, the flechette missiles. These stress the target even if they miss, combined with the upcoming card that allows you to fire missiles twice, these could be very useful.


The rules for using the ship are extensive, and also give a guide for running a linked campaign using the new cinematic play, this one allowing you to recreate the evacuation of hoth. Included are campaign sheets, I’ll definitely be photocopying a whole wad of these.

And so, onto the main ship, the rebel transport in all it’s glory




Despite the reduced scale, it looks impressive enough that it’s a believable ship, it’s a well made recreation of the lack do symmetry of most Star Wars ships.

As mentioned, the ship itself is basic in terms of rules, it’s the upgrades that matter


Three different title cards enhance the capabilities of the transport, the duty free, the bright hope and quantum storm. I don’t know which I’ll favour yet, as they all seem to benefit different energy actions, which are new, so I suspect it’ll come down to play style.
similarly with the cargo cards, they all enhance different aspects of the ships stats or abilities, so playstyle will be key,

And passengers, all of them are strictly for huge ships, which is probably best as the rules are quite good, but they all enhance the offensive or defensive abilities of their ship very nicely, repairing shields or damage or stripping away target locks from enemy ships.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the kit. Long term I think is like a second, but not for now. It has increased my impression of the Tantive IV which is due out in a month or so, so I may just get one at some point.


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