Hobby projects, getting something done part 2

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So, Iv been pulling stuff out of the cupboard and apparently there is nothing stopping me achieving things with my hobby. I have all the supplies I’ll need for probably years worth of building and painting


Plenty of undercoat sprays, chaos blacks my standard, white is leftover from something somewhen, the caliban green is a really solid base if I ever want to play with dark angel kits again


Strangely enough, brushes are the one thing I do need. I have the majority, but I do need some basecoat brushes.


This is what comes from years of being convinced I need something when I go into a games workshop, glues the cheap and easy just in case pickup, because no matter how hard you try models just won’t stick without it


I have no idea why I have so many clippers. Of course they’re useful, but two is plenty.


This is the best thing I own (hobby related), having every paint doesn’t make me a better painter, but it does give me the opportunity to use that odd colour that I wouldn’t normally buy a whole pot for



Yeah, I have four. Four painting stations. The red one I picked up when gw gave them to staff, the blacks Iv acquired over time because Iv ‘needed’ them. If I just got on with painting then I only need one. In my defence you can see they’ve been well used, they are however now dusty, so the use is historic.


With these two there’s no reason why I can’t be a world class painter. Games workshop do some fantastic painting, and the books are the best Iv seen. The how to paint is obviously aimed at beginners but there’s still so much to learn from it, whilst the ‘eavy metal guide gives some excellent guides to take your painting further. In fact, I may do a full review of these books in future.


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