Berlin, thoughts on beer

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So, I haven’t talked about the holiday yet, I can summarise it as a truly fantastic time spent with my partner, the food was great, the hotel comfortable, the city pleasant.
For now I have a few things to say about the beer.

We all know Germans like beer, they have it in steins and everyone’s happy. Well yes, that’s true, and it’s really that simple. Beer isn’t a get drunk affair, it’s a drink it and enjoy.

I had a fair few steins of various beers, I had beers morning noon and night and it was accepted. No judgement, and also no drunk Germans either. In fact the only time we saw drunk people were the English in the beer hall.
It’s not unusual to see people in the street during the day with a beer, all shops and kiosks sell them, and it’s a pleasant way to be. Drinking just isn’t a big deal, if you want one, have one. Simple.

Clearly it’s something like this approach that we Brits looked for with the 24 hour licensing laws, but unfortunately those same Brits drink to get drunk, it isn’t the same thing at all.

I did have one small problem with the beer though, or at least the lager. It was the continental head. The continental head of course involves filling half the glass with foam (or fur as my daughter calls it). This is fine, it looks good, unfortunately the foam doesn’t taste of much, and I see it as a half empty,glass. I like the standard centimetre head with beer, I don’t want a wad of foam on top.

Fortunately this only happened once. And actually it’s ok, the glass sizes are far better than the standard British pint


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