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So, this morning i was a little worked up by the girl being difficult, so once she was at school, the boy had had play and I’d settled him for a nap, I got comfortable and watched the 2014 reboot of Robocop.
The originals fantastic, in an ironic satire way, so I wasn’t overly confident, especially as reboots can just be lazy attempts to cash in on previous fans, but I gave it a go.

It started well, with a Samuel L Jackson broadcast setting the scene, including the introduction of ED-209. Excellent start, though a little disappointing he didn’t ‘malfunction’ and kill anyone. Killing an angry teen with a knife isn’t quite as good.
Then it redeems itself with the Robocop theme, remastered and tweaked but close enough that it’s instantly recognisable.

From there it’s ok, the change of Lewis from a woman to a black man seemed pointless, in fact the whole role of Lewis was pointless. And the ‘death’ of murphy was a bit pants.

Cue a few more nods to the original “I wouldn’t buy that for a dollar” and the original suit (soon replaced by something sleeker and black).

Program overriden, confront the bad guy, get shot a lot, find the big bad guy boss, can’t hurt him “dead or alive you’re coming with me” the end.

Yeah, so if it had been an original (copied) with similarities but not named Robocop it maybe would have been enjoyable but for me I wanted the gratuitous overblown violence of the original regularly broken up by smartly written social satire. The nods were nice, the recycling of all three robocop plots, the ED moments were good, but it wasn’t awesome.

Also, it was another of these films that has all the action happening in the dark, I know it sets a scene, adds atmosphere etc etc, but you just can’t see anything happening. It’s a shame


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