Exercise, getting my legs moving

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So, I’ve just been for a run. Yes, an actual run. For probably the first time properly in about 12 years.
Why? I don’t know, perhaps a slow realisation that whilst the kids are getting faster, stronger and smarter by the day I’m moving the opposite way. Maybe it’s the one too many niggles I feel across my body. Maybe I’m 28 and should be at my physical peak. Maybe I’m depressed and exercise helps. Maybe I need to get out of the house more. Honestly, I don’t know, but I’d put money on it being all of those and more.

So, the run, I didn’t just step outside and run Forrest Gump style, i took a measured approach using two apps on my phones, the first is seven, this gives you a seven minute body workout, using simple exercises. I used this as a warm up. Afterwards I was aching, my arms, legs, back felt sore, but i wouldn’t be defeated so soon, So onto the next app, the couch to 5k NHS app. This requires a five minute brisk walk, followed by alternating 60 second runs and 90 second walks. This idea appeals to me for several reasons

1. It’s not just bulk exercise.
2. The regular rests allow my recovery time to improve as well as my basic stamina, I also get to complete a decent amount of exercise from day one.
3. It’s a daily tracker, motivation to continue.

So I briskly walked to the park, then spend my time randomly walking/ running over a variety of surfaces and gradients.

So how do I feel?

Tired, really tired.

My right knee is sore, Iv had issue with it for a long time, and exercising has naturally aggravated it.
My back is on fire, but this felt more like the usual issue- not necessarily linked to running. It also didn’t tighten and immobilise me.
My lungs feel heavy, my capacity has clearly dropped, but it’s recovering quickly.
My arms are numb, this started with the warm up more than the run, I used muscles I haven’t used in years, it’s natural.
My ankles the worst, it feels bad, really bad, Iv not had ankle trouble before, this feels as though something’s wrong and will be the one I watch.

I expect to be adding some serious aches and pains to this list by morning.

But as for how I feel? Actually good, I completed a 30 minute exercise program without stopping at any point, I didn’t cheat and even as I was running and my lungs were shrinking I felt I could continue on with it,

So tomorrow I will be out for day 2. Absolutely.


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