Life, bowling and a career threatening wii elbow injury

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So, we took the kids bowling today, the boys first time, and our first since my partner was pregnant (so his second time I guess, I don’t remember him pushing any balls last time).
How’d we do? Well, I came last. This isn’t something that happens to me, I can’t remember ever coming last at bowling, it was made all the more humiliating by my partners sudden patch of form midway through the frame (a spare followed by a strike) at the same time as i rolled 5 consecutive zeros. Not good at all, because she normally sucks. I’m fairly sure it’s the crutch that helped her balance as she threw.

Whilst bowling, I felt a niggle in my elbow, which I promptly ignored until my next ball when it became a pain, lots of pain. Cue my five zero balls, until it numbed up enough for me to play catch up. Typically all I needed was one more round to catch the children- who drew- and one more beyond that to catch my partner who had returned to her usual level of ability.

So where did this pain come from? Well, from owning a wii. We got one some years ago now around Christmas and had some fun with it; enough that we planned a friends and family evening on New Years ever to play around. Me being home for the week with little money and few contacts meant I had time to play, so I mastered it. Wii bowling, I found the perfect arm swing and arrow position for a strike 9/10 times.
When New Year’s Eve comes around, midway through the frame I’m way out in front with a near perfect score, I step up again to banter, swearing and drunken revelry, pull my arm back, swing and CRUNCH!!! I feel something pop/ tear/ explode in my left elbow, I screw the swing and gutter the ball.
I still won, but only barely as I was forced to switch to my weaker right hand- which I’d neglected to practice with.

Since that day the bowling ‘pose’ – more specifically the arm movement- triggers the same pain. I can only assume it was a form of repetitive strain injury that I pushed too far and did something real to.

It now acts as my permanent bowling reminder of me cheating at the wii.


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