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So, hooks a classic favourite of mine, I love the Peter Pan story and always have, I also like robin Williams and use to pretend to be him in the playground at school (more robin Williams as Peter Pan than Robin Williams the improv specialist).
I can’t say much about hook, I love it and think it’s a fantastic future look at the original story, I really should get hold of the book as Iv never read it. But this one I watched with the girl, who loves all Disney films (it’s painful sometimes).
She struggled with the concept of a sequel, she couldn’t grasp the idea that it wasn’t the Peter Pan story and that Peter Pan had grown up. Half an hour in I get the “who’s that?” “It’s Peter Pan, you’ve been watching him” moment, but once she grasped it she seemed to enjoy it.

She’s at a strange point of growing up where logic and expansive thoughts are only just developing, so she can’t see how an older man can be Peter Pan, and when Captain Hook lost his wig she thought it was someone pretending to be Captain Hook, she hadn’t clicked the age and appearance focus of Hook. But there’s progress, she’s able to watch the film, relate back to us what has been happening, she’s just not yet picking up on the major themes or subtle elements. But you can’t expect her to do it all at five years old. I did, but I was a peculiar child.


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