Life, referring to my partner

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So, Iv been calling her my partner on the blog here, but it feels a little impersonal, I need something a little more specific to who she is and what she means to me.

I offered her the following options

My bit
My piece,

To a surprising level of aggression. (I expected negativity, I was just poking)

So i thought harder,

Grumpy lumpy

Again, negativity, not so much aggression this time, because it’s a little more affectionate, as well as being true, but she didn’t approve,

So I thought again,

Sperm receptacle
Sausage wallet

Back to aggression on these, though she did have a nostalgic moment of the first time I called her a sperm receptacle as a joke.

I thought again

Other half,

Too generic.
Back to the drawing board


Most aggression so far, her being Northern Irish, not Irish

Terrorist, IRA

no no no, whack

So I asked for her suggestions

Her name- nope, I don’t want it to be that personal
Wife- yeah that’s a long way off
Lovely- you know, sometimes she is, but not personal enough.
Cripple- yes, again she is, but although it’s perfect I don’t want to be defining her by that definition

So that’s me out of ideas, she’s going to have to remain my partner for now, il revisit this when other options come up


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