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So, last week myself and my partner finally gained access to tv again. The lack of a tv wasn’t actually that big a deal for me, but she needs neighbours, holby city, casualty, greys anatomy and so on and so on. We did both need game of thrones though.

But, finally it was sorted, and with it came a free trial of Netflix and all the films that come with it. WOW, is there a selection, I think our entire DVD collection may be music magpied because we just don’t need them.

Anyway, we chose to watch les miserables, because I’d not read it and she’d not seen it (or vice versa).

Now, it wasn’t a French language version, but the Hugh jackman and Russell Crowe version. Initially this shocked me, but I then remembered Hugh’s sound of music, and that Russell had been in a band, so clearly both have musical ability. In reality, they so, albeit limited, but it was better than Johnny depps in Sweeney Todd. On the subject of Sweeney Todd, it was weird to see Helena bonham carter and Sacha baron Cohen appear together in another historical musical, but at least Tim burton wasn’t on board.

as it happens, I really like a lot of Tim Burton’s work, but I’m getting more than a little bored of the burton depp bonham carter films that keep getting made.

Anyway, to the film. Well, actually, nothing much stuck. I remember the vague plot and it was entertaining, but details were lost. I felt key characters were removed and added on a whim without any real development (theatre works better for this), but the story was solid and the acting fine.

Messages? None really, I get the ‘live a good life’ message, but it wasn’t an eye opener for me, it’s a common message. So no life changer or thought provoking moment here, but still, it was a pleasant way to fill the evening and get back into having tv and film available


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