Books, freax and rejex

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So, another book. I read this one a couple of weeks ago and figured I’d mention it.
Here’s what google books has to say

Months ago, a strange old book surfaced in a British town. Written by a dark occultist, it put those who read it under an irresistible spell, spiriting away their minds to a beautiful but sinister fairytale realm. Now the book has been widely published and Britain has fallen. Those who resisted have been killed. But there are some who can’t help resisting – some on whom the book simply doesn’t work. These are the Aberrants. They are feared, persecuted, hunted down, even by their own families.

So, where did this book come from? Well, I was in town with my partner and she was getting her haircut, i wandered around, got a coffee (tea actually) and then needed a poo, I really needed a poo. So, knowing I had some time to kill I popped into the works to find some light reading.

Cue my sitting in a KFC cubicle for twenty minutes as the book has me hooked. It was a sequel, but it didn’t matter,because it was doing something I hadn’t seen books before, it was building up characters and suddenly killing them. Before getting to the actual stars several would be central characters were introduced, built up, and killed. Sometimes quite horribly.

Now, as the book went on the quality hits peaks and troughs, I think the issue was that I couldn’t work out if it was for teens, young adults or established fantasy readers (there’s a difference). The main cast are teenagers around 14/15 with all the sex, acne and social issues that come with it, the deaths and violence were dark and extreme enough for an older reader, and the fantasy realm and prophecies were straight out of a fantasy novel.

The end was good, but led into the third book a little too much, not really closing any storylines.
This didn’t provoke any real life thoughts and i won’t be hunting out the others, though if i happen to find them I’d probably give it a go.

Oh and I was late for meeting my partner because of this book


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