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So, another new part of my blog, books. Pretty much the same thing as with films, it’s not about finding classics and rehashing the worlds view of them, but instead summarising what Iv read and what i thought, with any discussion it provokes coming too.

Pinocchio is first, I read it this weekend in my small breaks between family things, the chapters are short so it’s was an easy one to get through. Also it’s a childrens book so again, simple.

Now, Iv not read anything Pinocchio based before, and I only have a vague recollection of the Disney film that I haven’t seen in probably twenty years. So what did I think? Well, actually I was a little disappointed. Not in the books favour was the awful chapter summaries that some books use to tell you what’s about to happen. Why bother reading on then. When the summary says “Pinocchio escapes prison and falls into a river” then is it worth reading two or three pages of Pinocchio escaping prison and falling into a river? Well, yes, it’s always worth reading if you get the opportunity, but all the surprise and mystery is lost so it’s not the same.
As for the actual story, the plot follows what I vaguely remember, with a couple of weird additions, but the wordings and sensibilities of the characters are completely off, Pinocchio infamously means well but can’t behave, but after repeated scenarios where he doesn’t listen only to get into trouble, you’d think he’d learn eventually.

Peer pressure a big theme, as very often Pinocchio goes along with a crowd against his best intentions. This doesn’t ring true for me, peer pressure didn’t affect me a great deal when I was younger, but it seems fairly close to the idea of peer pressure leading you astray (from the negative perspective) if it’s strength was perhaps a little exaggerated.

Well, that’s it, nothing ground breaking, I didn’t enjoy said childrens book very much


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