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So, in a few days myself and my partner are heading off on our first proper holiday together as a couple, without the kids. We did get away for a couple of days To London in the summer, but that was more of a dual trip and we separated to different friends for the majority (aside from a lovely night of meat and cocktails).

We’re heading to berlin, and I have no idea what we are going to be doing there which is an immensely frustrating thing for my other half! as she likes to plan- it goes beyond that, she likes to plan to plan. Whereas I like to just go with it and see what happens. Given her less that mobile state (that post is coming one day) we aren’t in my position to be wandering around berlin hoping for a restaurant to catch our eye, so Iv worked out a compromise; she plans to her hearts content and then tells me nothing that has been planned. This way she’s not only been able to itineraryise (word?) but she can also account for her lack of legs (she has legs, that post will come). On the other hand, I can at least kid myself it’s all an adventure as I haven’t planned anything. Awesome.

Except for one little snag, she can’t plan (to plan) without involving ANYONE and EVERYONE that happens to be around her at the time, so I’m being asked for my opinion on venue A whilst also being asked to choose what I’ll eat at restaurant B.

And this brings me to my biggest frustration, I absolutely hate people reading menus at me. I don’t know what it is, probably in part it’s the “that looks nice” comment attributed to a handful of descriptive words “well yes, of course, they aren’t going to make it sound crap are they?” But mostly it’s my inability to process whilst not having the visual cues there. My first subway experience was only a success because I was able to point at the pile of meat and say “lots of that.” Cardiff used to have a fantastic subwayesque counter that sold naan baked things, but with infinitely more choice and no set menu, so you picked your size, then the spread on the bread, then the fillings, I was confronted with choices without a list and ended up spending a tenner on ‘extras.’ I need the menu in my hand to read through and make my own decisions, without prompting.

This process also cause issues with my partner, as she needs to know what I’m ordering before she can choose, and I hate people knowing what I’m ordering before they choose. It leads to another of those annoying restaurant comments “ooh are you? Oh, now i don’t know what I’m going to have.” “What? You had chosen, how on earth does what’s on my plate affect what’s on yours? It’s not fucking tapas!”

We actually are going to a fancy French (in Germany) restaurant- this is the one part of the plan I am aware of, it looks expensive, and they specifically states they do not want to be tipped. Bizarrely they are also a cash only affair, which seems odd, why would you be an expensive fancy restaurant only to not allow for gold/ platinum card wielding tourists?

Actually, that sounds fine to me.


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