Life, car boot sales price vs tat

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So, our regular weekend adventure (aside from trips all over the place) is to the local car boot sale.

Now, I really like car boot sales because I like collecting certain things, and I like reading. Car boot sales sell books and collectibles, as well as a whole load of tat. To be fair, the tat is tat in my eyes, not necessarily in someone else’s.

But recently Iv become more and more bitter about car boots. I don’t know whether it’s ebay that’s done it or if it’s just a general thing, but prices seem to be on the rise for crappy tat. No longer can I get five books for a pound or some dirty Star Wars figure for a pound. Instead it’s a pound a book and a fiver a figure.

Case in point, last time I was browsing over some toy cars (you’ll know from a previous post I passed my cars onto the boy) and asked for price, £2.50 each!!!!! Seriously? Now, I know I gave mine to someone who is very likely going to devalue them by smashing them, but it’s
A a car boot sale
B a dented, chipped, old toy car
C mass produced enough that it doesn’t actually have a value

I didn’t buy the cars.

I did however find some tat that caught my eye whilst browsing around, a couple of pictures that have made it onto the four hooks I’m entitled to in our house


This one caught my eye, I don’t know what it is about it but I really like it. If I get the chance to stare at it until I work it out I might dedicate a post to it.

We also picked this up


Normally these sorts of things i see on Facebook profiles and motivational pictures and they annoy me, they’re tacky. But this one grabbed me, I think it’s as much to do with the girl being a bit more rebellious lately.

This weekend I’ll be going to the car boot sale again, I’ll be hunting for bargains and likely come home with very little.


Something else occurred to me, the kids love it (by kids I mean the girl and my partner) they can buy tat all over, so perhaps the car boot sale hasn’t changed, perhaps I’m just less flippant with my money now, but then I’m happy to spend if it’s something I want.


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