Another test of blog capabilities

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So, as mentioned previously, I will soon be without internet access for approximately a month.

One of my blogging contingency plans is to continue blogging, in the hope that when internet is restored, the post will upload. So, my ipad is currently in aeroplane mode, and I am posting. If you see this then my experiment has worked and I can continue to blog, without soiling the pages of my moleskin notebook (which really does feel amazing) with ink.

Here goes.


So, it didn’t work, or it did but it didn’t.

I hit upload and as expected it failed (had it succeeded I’d have been very confused), but it did save the blog. This meant that when I restored the internet it was ready to be re uploaded. Obviously this isn’t the perfect scenario I was hoping for, but it does mean that beautiful moleskin notebook can remain unsullied for a little while longer


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